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Lighting as a Service  (LaaS)

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Lighting-as-a-Service gives you a customized, high-quality lighting system without any of the hassles.  Maintenance, repairs and monitoring of the technology’s performance is included in your service payment.  Even better, if the system doesn’t perform the way that is should, then you don’t pay.   


Lighting-as-a-service is an inclusive and streamlined method for organizations like yours to install energy efficient LEDs.  Traditional financing methods like commercial loans and capital leases can be clunky.  They can require up front capital and if something breaks, you are often on the hook. 

Get New, Better Equipment At No Risk


100% Adoption - Immediately


No more pilot programs necessary.  Lighting-as-a-Service is the ideal solution for the rapid adoption of the best technology across all of your portfolio.  With customized solutions for each facility and proven performance, there is no reason to wait.

Put cash in your pocket each month while meeting your organization's energy efficiency and savings goals faster than ever before.  Apply today and start saving!

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