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Converting your traditional, outdated, high cost lighting systems to advanced, state of the art, energy efficient LED lighting systems offers tremendous savings every month but requires an expensive investment and a serious commitment upfront to pay and complete the project.

Platinum Global LED eliminates the costly upfront investment and we handle the entire conversion using top of the line, state of the art components installed by our expert team of installers.

Lighting as a Service  (LaaS)

Our No-Cost LED Lighting program has eliminated the financial obstacles for
commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations to convert their outdated,
high-cost lighting systems to advanced, energy-efficient LED lighting systems with our Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) program.

Our clients have found the LaaS program as a simple, cost-effective opportunity to enhance their facilities' lighting, reduce energy consumption, reduce monthly lighting expenses and increase their overall bottom line. On average, our clients save 50-70% on their lighting costs after the LED conversion.

This program provides you with a true opportunity to convert over to LED. It's Simply...Brilliant!

Lighting-as-a-Service Key Benefits
No Capital Investment
We pay for the entire LED lighting conversion, including products and installation, with zero client investment
No Personal Guarantees
with most of our deals, no personal guarantee is necessary
Keep the Rebates & Savings
Our clients keep 100% of local and state lighting upgrade rebates and 50% - 70% of the energy savings after the conversion
No Personal Credit Check Required
No required personal credit checks, simply provide 2 years of P&L and Balance sheets for approval
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