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At Global LED Pros, we want our customers to shine.  We sell and install the highest quality most efficient LED lighting and controls that also offer significant utility and maintenance savings.  Not only will our products help to make your business a more desirable, safer workplace, they will also free up cash flow for you to use how you see fit.  That’s what we call Simply…Brilliant

Global LED Pros is home of the new subscription-like program; Lighting as a Service (LaaS).

On-line subscription services such as Netflix, Office 360, Pandora are all designed to offer the full benefits of their industries without the commitment of an upfront, high-cost investment.

Global LED Pros' Lighting as a Service offers qualified customers the same type of service where we will analyze the existing lighting and controls, design a new energy-efficient, cost-saving strategy before installing all-new upgraded LED components along with an ongoing maintenance program for the life of the contract.

And instead of the costly upfront expense of such an upgrade, Global LED Pros offers this service at a monthly cost equaling a portion of the saving the full upgrade produces.  As you click through this website you will find specific details along with examples, educational resources and a look inside Global LED Pros to introduce who we are and how Lighting as a Service can benefit your business.

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